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as the place for the actual transport of compounds such as sugars or amino acids. Unser Index besteht aus ber 35 speziell auf die Fcher zugeschnittenen Datenquellen, die stndig von uns aktualisiert und erweitert werden. Frommer and Ji-Yun Kim, Evidence for phloem loading via the abaxial bundle sheath cells in maize leaves, The Plant Cell, 2021. DOI:.1093/plcell/koaa055, merkmale dieser Pressemitteilung: Journalisten, Wissenschaftler, biologie, Ernhrung / Gesundheit / Pflege, Umwelt / kologie berregional, forschungsergebnisse, Wissenschaftliche Publikationen, englisch. In up to 30 percent of patients affected by RD, the disease is triggered at the molecular level by an excess of the messenger substance cGMP.

E, teilen: d 15:48, possible explanation for more efficient maize growth. The particular leaf anatomy and special form of photosynthesis (referred to as C4) developed during its evolution allow maize to grow considerably faster than comparable plants. Plant researchers at Heinrich Heine University Dsseldorf (HHU) have investigated the transport of compounds in maize. Franois Paquet-Durand, also from the University Hospital Tbingen. It is also likely linked to the more effective C4 photosynthesis used by maize compared with other plants, which only use C3 photosynthesis.

It aims to develop new treatments against hereditary retinal degenerations (RD). KG (Bremen) with. Maize has a significantly higher productivity rate compared with many other crops. The consortium is led by Prof. To this end, a novel group of pharmacological agents is to be validated. Partners of the TargetRD project have already shown in the past that inhibition of cGMP targets can stop the rapid progression of cGMP-dependent. As a result, maize needs more efficient transport strategies to distribute the photoassimilates produced during photosynthesis throughout the plant.

Datenstzen nach Bchern, Zeitschriftenartikeln, AV-Medien und Onlineressourcen recherchieren. E, teilen: d 11:55, new consortium against hereditary retinal degeneration starts.1 million euros of funding from the bmbf. The single cell sequencing approach we used made it possible for the first time to distinguish between different types of bundle sheath cells in a maize leaf. Frommer from the Institute of Molecular Physiology at HHU. Kruse, Thomas Hartwig, Tobias Lautwein, Karl Khrer, Wolf. Compared to Arabidopsis, maize could transport sugar more effectively. Doctoral student and first author Margaret Bezrutczyk from HHU emphasize: The bundle sheath cells arranged in a wreath look the same at first glance. Wissenschaftliche Ansprechpartner: University Hospital Tbingen, research Institute of Ophthalmology. Cell Death Mechanism Group, e-Mail: Phone 49 (0), skype: quet-durand.

The project is being funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (bmbf) with more than.1 million euros over the next two years. The large surface of the bundle sheath cells compared to phloem parenchyma allows much higher transport rates. Andreas Wenzel from Roche Pharma AG (Basel, Switzerland). With this technology, we expect that more cell types, especially those in the vascular bundles will be discovered in the future. The new TargetRD project will now validate cGMP target proteins as targets for new therapeutic developments over the next two years. The study was led. Biology: Publication in The Plant Cell. Ressourcen fr die Kommunikations-, Medien- und Filmwissenschaft 1, kostenlos registrieren 2, in rund 3 Mio. To date, virtually all forms of RD are incurable and represent an enormous reduction in quality of life for affected patients. In the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, sugars released via sweets from phloem parenchyma cells are transported directly into the neighbouring companion cells via active transport.

For aspects of translational medicine and clinical development, TargetRD is also supported. It is conceivable that the productivity of rice or other crops can be increased by transferring the loading mechanism from maize to these crops. Frommer emphasizes the significance of the finding, saying: Maize plants are extremely productive due to their C4 photosynthesis. The development of this mechanism could have been the decisive evolutionary step towards the higher transport rate that has made maize plants especially successful and useful. This is intended to lay the foundation for further therapeutic development of RD that is currently untreatable. In addition, close collaboration with partners from the pharmaceutical industry will ensure that the research results obtained can indirectly benefit RD patients.

The partners of TargetRD, the project involves the University of Kassel with Prof. Eintrgen recherchieren nk ist der Fachinformationsdienst fr die Medien-, Kommunikations- und Filmwissenschaft. Alle, die in diesen Fchern forschen, lehren oder studieren, knnen hier in rund 3 Mio. Hereditary retinal degenerations are a group of severe eye diseases that lead to progressive vision loss and ultimately blindness. In the current edition of the journal The Plant Cell, they describe how this mechanism has potentially created a special evolutionary advantage for maize.

Merkmale dieser Pressemitteilung: Journalisten, biologie, Medizin berregional, forschungs- / Wissenstransfer, Kooperationen, englisch. Ji Yun Kim and Prof. Herberg, the University Hospital of Tbingen with Prof. In maize, sugar is released in the direction of phloem by two large bundle sheath cells. Seeliger and the company Biolog Life Science Institute GmbH. In maize, for example, sucrose transporters (sweet) act in the bundle sheath cells (which frame the vascular bundle like a wreath) on the abaxial side of the leaf. Plant leaves have different structures on the upper (adaxial) and lower (abaxial) sides, and each side performs different tasks. This year, under the leadership of the Tbingen Research Institute of Ophthalmology, the TargetRD consortium will be launched.

Weitere Informationen: Further information can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (bmbf). They focused on the mechanism used to transport the products of photosynthesis for further distribution in the plant through its phloem loading pathways.

11:55 New consortium against hereditary retinal degeneration starts.1 million euros of funding from the bmbf Bianca Hermle. Kommunikation und, medien, universittsklinikum Tbingen. 15:48 Possible explanation for more efficient maize growth. Arne Claussen Stabsstelle Presse und. Kommunikation, hat als Grundprinzipien das Senden und das Empfangen von Informationen auf diesen kleinsten gemeinsamen Nenner lassen sich alle Theorien, Modelle und Anwendungen der Kommunikationsforschung bringen. Kommunikation war und ist in der menschlichen Gesellschaft allgegenwrtig. Wissenschaft in den, medien - Mitunter wurde hier deutlich polarisiert Datum: 12:48 Uhr. Becker: Wir mssen am Thema.

Medien und, kommunikation, meldungen Infothek Kunst und, wissenschaft. Aktuelle Erdbebeninformationen, gFZ-Schlerlabor Geowissenschaftliche Experimente Unterrichtsergnzende Materialien Fortbildungen fr Lehrkrfte Kurse fr SuS im GFZ-Schlerlabor Wissensplattform Erde und Umwelt Fort- und Weiterbildung Veranstaltungen Zentrum Departments. Hochschule der Medien (HdM) ist eine staatliche Fachhochschule mit Sitz in Stuttgart. Fast 30 akkreditierte Bachelor- und Masterstudiengnge stehen zur Auswahl: vom Druck ber audiovisuelle. Medien, Informationsmanagement und Informatik, Werbung oder Medienproduktion bis hin zur Medienwirtschaft und Verpackungstechnik. Wissenschaft - Medien - Kommunikation, vollzeit Klasse Mappe Berlin Mappenkurs Berufsbegleitender Prsenzlehrgang. Kommunikation (lateinisch communicatio Mitteilung) ist der Austausch oder die bertragung von Informationen, die auf verschiedene Arten (verbal, nonverbal und paraverbal) und auf verschiedenen Wegen (Sprechen, Schreiben) stattfinden kann, inzwischen auch im Wege der computervermittelten. Nicht einfach irgendwas mit, medien machen, sondern das Richtige. Egal, welche Talente du hast, welche Schulfcher dir liegen, ob du eher still und schchtern oder von der Sorte laute Labertasche bist, ob Nerd, Klassenclown oder Normalo, ob du jeden Euro zweimal umdrehen musst oder Geld keine Rolle.

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