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02.02.2021 20:52
Korrekturlesen - Englisch-bersetzung Linguee Wrterbuch
your paper was already rather well-written, Ive made many adjustments to improve the academic quality of the text. You can learn more about this issue and why its important here.

Remember that an abbreviation that starts with a vowel sound when read aloud (such as EU) takes an rather than a (e.g., an EU country). Sie untersttzen dich folglich gerne und mit groem Interesse bei der Optimierung deiner Abschlussarbeit. If this is your own opinion, you need to make that clearer. In this section, you might consider whether and how the results support the literature, address the implications of the results, and generally explore the contribution of the research in more detail. In the study byMartynova and Renneboog (2010)it already became clear found that shareholder protection was almost equal between the US and the Netherlands in both countries. Although Brav.

In the text, Ive marked where you should clarify the subject of a sentence. Based on your work, Ive provided some concrete tips to help you recognize and correct your most common mistakes. Discussion Conducting Doing an extensively study of the shareholder activism undertaken by hedge funds in the Netherlands over a for the past decade required a great deal of precise work. These suggestions are intended to help you become a better writer. Means and others, so the verb that follows should be plural (e.g., Wang. In particular, you have not yet discussed the study limitations.

This is a simple way to make your writing clearer and more compelling. Learn how to recognize such phrases and tighten your writing here. However, you have included more than enough examples to make your point. Das Englische Lektorat und Korrekturlesen setzen wir schlielich auch als Express Lektorat und Korrektur in 12h oder 24h um, wenn der Umfang des Textes es zulsst. The examples used are relevant. Bei einem Englisch Lektorat und Korrekturlesen korrigiert ein englischer Native Speaker Lektor Deinen englischsprachigen Text (British English American English). Reviewing your linking word choices may help you here. Its okay to assume that your readers have some familiarity with the events youre talking about, but adding a few reminders for readers would be helpful.

Proof reading, layout, production and sale of the German editions. But although Even though I didnt not use any private information, this study pretty nice gives a provides insight in to hedge fund activism in the country. Take a careful look at the comments Ive made in the document to learn how to make your writing sound more fluid and natural. You should therefore take a careful look at my comment on page. The average percentage of voting power is initial ranges between.06 and the maximum voting power.10. The hedge funds held a share in the company for an average length of hedge funds holding a share in the company is531 days. The text does not contain any unintentionally contradictory information or arguments.

In the future, remember to set your proofing language to US English so that spell check catches these errors. The purpose of the document is clear. Erst nach diesem Korrekturlesen wird die bersetzung abgetippt. Due to the fact that Because shareholders have an opportunity to go to the OK, they have a fair reasonable chance of getting having their demands fulfilled. 2 Beispiel: Persnliches Feedback Zustzlich zu dem korrigierten Dokument erhltst du persnliche Verbesserungsvorschlge zu sprachlichen Fehlern oder Schwchen, die in deinem Text hufiger erscheinen. Be sure to give them the information they need to understand your arguments. Conclusion Shorten A conclusion section is usually relatively short and to the point.

However, in your conclusion, you say that three respondents had no opinion. This corresponded corresponds to the fact that the y both have a success rate is of approximately the. Abstract: Relevance of the research Add Make sure the abstract clearly outlines why your research is necessary and/or what gap in the literature youre seeking to address. Aus diesem Grund schenken uns jedes Jahr viele tausend Studenten, Doktoranden, Unternehmen und Autoren ihr Vertrauen. Elance - Outsource Jobs wie Grafik-Design, Korrekturlesen und juristische Dienstleistungen fr professionelle Freelancer in der ganzen Welt. At least one, more than 1 hedge fund acquired a share in 14 the company in fourteen of the 36 listed companies in my database. Im Lektorat fr britisches und amerikanisches Englisch wird auerdem auch ein Augenmerk auf die Sprache und den Ausdruck gelegt. 1, beispiel: Korrigiertes Dokument, wir verbessern die Lesbarkeit deines Dokuments und korrigieren die sprachlichen Fehler direkt im Text.

Der betreuende Englisch Lektor verbessert Deinen Text hinsichtlich Rechtschreibung, Zeichensetzung, Grammatik und Ausdrucksweise. The local translation partner coordinates proof-reading directly with the local subsidiary. The information is presented in a logical order. From, by looking at this data, it can be concluded that hedge funds are not generally involved in acquiring controlling blocks of stock. Often, it is not clear what youre referring to when you use pronouns such as it and they (in grammatical terms, the pronoun antecedents are ambiguous). Unsere Muttersprachler kommen berdies aus so verschiedenen Studiengngen wie Sozialwissenschaften, Geisteswissenschaften, Medizin, Pharmazie, Naturwissenschaften, Psychologie, Ingenieurwissenschaften oder Wirtschaftswissenschaften (VWL, BWL). Sie beauftragen uns mit dem Englisch Lektorat und Korrekturlesen ihrer Abschlussarbeiten, Unternehmenstexte, Blogartikel oder anderer Texte. The most important question to be answered in the document is clear. Additionally, please note that as. The methods used to arrive at this answer are clear.

Sie sind darber hinaus mit dem Proofreading und Copy Editing sehr vertraut und haben mindestens eine weitere Wissenschaft studiert, die sie zum Fachlektor macht. The subject of the document is clear. Genauso wie auch aus der Schweiz und aus sterreich: Basel, Bern, Biel, Bregenz, Chur, Feldkirch, Genf, Graz, Freiburg, Innsbruck, Kniz, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Lausanne, Leonding, Linz, Lugano, Luzern, Neuenburg, Salzburg, Schaffhausen, Sitten,. Der Englisch Lektor achtet berdies darauf, dass Stze logisch aufeinander aufbauen und nachvollziehbar sind. No information that is relevant for further understanding of the text seems to be missing. Ive also made changes related to your use of prepositions, which are particularly tricky in English. See how, korrekturlesen is translated from German to English with more examples in context. Feedback editor: Although I understand what you want to say, you have not specifically stated what the final conclusion of your text. Word-level grammatical and spelling mistakes You used a mix of British and American English spelling throughout your thesis. You can read more about the active voice here.

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