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Doktor der Medizin, wikipedia
talk pages should not redirect to anything other than the talk page of another account controlled by the same user. This will bring you to a page with the title. User pages and leaving Wikipedia When a user leaves Wikipedia, their user and user talk pages are usually unaffected and may be edited again at any future time. In manchen Nachfolgestaaten der Habsburgermonarchie hat sich der "Dr. (Editing must always be neutral and within encyclopedia norms. Users should generally not maintain in public view negative information related to others without very good reason. Medizinische Promotionen nehmen im Vergleich mit Promotionen in anderen Fchern eine Sonderrolle ein.

Contents, terminology and page locations, see also: Wikipedia:Username policy, Wikipedia:User page design center, Wikipedia:How to archive a talk page, and, wikipedia:Wikipedians. Note that the addition of inappropriate content to your user page after locking other editors out is considered a serious offense. If the entire page is inappropriate, consider blanking it, or redirecting the subpage to the userpage, or to the most relevant existing mainspace or project space page. It is still used for unregistered users and for registered users who have manually enabled. However, pages in user space belong to the wider community. In some cases a more experienced editor may make substantive edits to another user's user space, in which case that editor should leave a note explaining why this was done.

Any editor who intends to improve old userspace drafts can move them provided the creator of said draft is "reasonably" inactive. If you wish to delete your own page, tag the top of the page with db-u1, and an administrator will delete it for you. Simple personal disclosures of a non-provocative nature (such as userboxes or statements about sexuality and relationship status) are unaffected. Content copied from mainspace See TfM Old copies of mainspace articles should be deleted. Der Abschluss wird daher nicht mehr als Promotion gezhlt, sondern der akademische Grad bei Studienabschluss nach Verfassen einer Diplomarbeit verliehen (Berufsdoktorat). User pages or user space All of these pages are your user pages or user space. Univ., im Rahmen einer Sponsion verliehen. For a very large group of socks creating promotional articles, see Wikipedia:Long-term abuse/Orangemoody.

Some of this vandalism is prevented through a filter, as unregistered and unconfirmed editors are not permitted to modify other editors' primary user pages. In rare cases, protection may be used but is considered a last resort given the importance of talk page discussions to the project. If someone is to visit your (or someone else's) user or user talk pages a proper page link will be needed (e.g., User talk:Example). Also pages that may be of value to the wider community or whose deletion is opposed by other users might be undeleted during a deletion discussion. These must be listed at Articles for deletion if they originated as articles, or Miscellany for deletion for anything else. (Some content may not be kept indefinitely in userspace if unused.) Matters that are long enough, or active enough, to allocate them a page of their own Personal writings suitable within the Wikipedia community Non-article Wikipedia material such as reasonable Wikipedia. Advocacy or support of grossly improper behaviors with no project benefit Statements or pages that seem to advocate, encourage, or condone these behaviors: 1 vandalism, copyright violation, edit warring, harassment, privacy breach, defamation, and acts of violence. Dieser lautete frher nach Aberkennung des zuvor verliehenen Diplomgrades ergnzt "Dr. Note: Restoring talk page notices, even if they should not be removed, is not a listed exception to the three-revert rule.

See also: Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons  Non-article space, and Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not the place to post your rsum See TfM Generally, you should avoid substantial content on your user page that is unrelated to Wikipedia. Take special care to speak appropriately and explain the concern; many users will take it as a personal affront or attack if an unknown user announces they are going to delete a userspace image or page and an uncivil. User page, your user page has a name like this: User: Example. 25 Hierbei handelt es sich nicht um einen akademischen Grad, sondern um ein sogenanntes Berufsdoktorat, das mit dem Studiumabschluss vergeben wird und nicht mit einer Promotion gleichzusetzen ist. They are not a personal homepage, and do not belong to the user. Die Position des Wissenschaftsrates. Especially note that templates often add categories themselves.

Simulation and disruption of the MediaWiki interface See TfM The Wikipedia community strongly discourages simulating the MediaWiki interface, except on the rare occasion when it is necessary for testing purposes. Besides communication, other legitimate uses of user space include (but are not limited to Significant editing disclosures (voluntary but recommended) Things other editors may find helpful to understand, such as alternative accounts (if publicly disclosed) If you. Userpages and subpages may be placed in appropriate administrative categories, such as Category:User essays. 473/1978 N201 Doktoratsstudium Medizin Med Uni Wien, auf, abgerufen. Alternatively, you could move the content to another site, and link. Wikipedia, as well as facilitating interaction and sharing between users. Options available from user pages See also: Help:User contributions, Wikipedia:Emailing users, and Wikipedia:Logs In addition to the usual information accessible from an article page such as page history, " Discuss this page " and the like, users visiting. Content clearly intended as sexually provocative (images and in some cases text) or to cause distress and shock that appears to have little or no project benefit or using Wikipedia only as a web host or personal. Frher zu Zeiten der Studienordnung 1978 11 und davor sowie bis 2004 wurde das Studium als Doktorats- oder Rigorosenstudium gefhrt, 12 welches selbst nicht das Schreiben einer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit voraussetzte man konnte damals zwischen dem Verfassen einer Dissertation oder dem.

Extensive writings and material on topics having virtually no chance whatsoever of being directly useful to the project, its community, or an encyclopedia article. For other uses, see Wikipedia:Blanking. (For example in the latter case, because it is pure original research, is in complete disregard of reliable sources, or is clearly unencyclopedic for other clear reasons.) Communications unrelated to Wikipedia, with people uninvolved with the project or its related work. Test edits and the re-creation of deleted material (within limits) are permitted in user space. If a "vanished" user returns, old pages associated with them may be undeleted or unblanked, and could be linked to any new account they create and disclosed at RFA ; if this would be a problem, consult ArbCom by email beforehand. Once added, this information is unlikely to ever become private again. Februar 2013, abgerufen. Dissertation schon vor Studienende begonnen werden, zum anderen sind die Promotionen hinsichtlich Anspruch und Umfang oft eher mit Bachelor- oder Master- bzw. If the material must be addressed urgently (for example, unambiguous copyright, attack, defamation, or BLP reasons, etc.

If a user removes material from their talk page, it is normally taken to mean that the user has read and is aware of its contents. Personal information See TfM Personal information of other persons without their consent. Handling inappropriate content See TfM On your user pages If the community lets you know that they would rather you delete some content from your user space, you should consider doing sosuch content is only permitted with the consent of the community. In den USA, sterreich und einigen anderen Lndern, nicht jedoch. . Ehrlich, Anna: rzte, Bader, Scharlatane - Die Geschichte der sterreichischen Medizin. Userpage blanked may be added to such pages that have not been edited for a considerable amount of time. Protection of user pages See TfM See also: Wikipedia:Protection policy  User pages As with article pages, user pages are occasionally the targets of vandalism, or, more rarely, edit wars.

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